After seeing what had about skiddie baiting I just had to come up with something so… I decided to modify a robots.txt file to execute as a php file. My orignal thought was to send visitors that went to the robots.txt to to the exploit database with a query on there browser information. I ran into a few issues with the query and didn’t want to spend a lot of time on this so I set it up to send people to the vulnerability database and query for the browser that they are using. I am sure there is fun to be had with this and some cruel things come to mind. Continue reading »

I live in a pretty rough area of town now and was needing an alarm. Me being the penny pincher that I am, I had been working on getting the X10 cm19a USB transceiver working with Linux for a while. Luckily I found Mochad. These guys did an awesome job. Continue reading »

I moved recently and while I was waiting to get internet service I made a cantenna. I had been wanting to make one of these can antennas for a while and now since I had a reason to build one I just had to do it. Continue reading »

I often get emails from secertaries saying a teacher is locked out of their account. I am usually not at the office when I get these emails so I wrote the script below to be able to unlock accounts remotely from my phone by sending an email to my machine. I use Outlook rules to launch the exe and the script looks for the latest email to find the commands.
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I often help friends with their computer related issues. One of the guys that I help out a lot lost his camera server a few weeks ago. He runs a small business just outside of town and was needing to have the server replaced but couldn’t justify the cost of a new computer.
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I got my theme installed and wanted to see something on here other than the “Whoops!!! Nothing Here by That Name” error message. I still have lots to do.  Currently I am looking at few websites to harden the security of wordpress.  Continue reading »

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